DEBATE: Diversity in the military - John Doyle vs. Hunter Avallone | Andrew Says #73

Does enforced diversity help or hinder a country's military? YouTuber Hunter Avallone and BlazeTV's John Doyle join Andrew Says for a debate.

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YouTuber Hunter Avallone was once a conservative 'man-on-the-street' content creator who offered political commentary in the Trump era. He is now a progressive known for criticizing and debating conservatives.

Avallone joined Andrew Says for a debate on diversity in the military. Later, John Doyle joins the conversation to debate Avallone on the merits of a diversity in the armed forces, as well as more broadly speaking.

The two offer an entertaining exchange focused mainly on the merits of referencing studies versus logic and reasoning.

Behind the RebelNews+ paywall you will see an additional segment where Avallone accuses Doyle of racism. Subscribe today to see more!

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