Exposing the antisemitic poison on Western universities (ft. Miles McInnes)

While the students at Columbia University weren't very talkative at the anti-Israel encampment, Gavin McInnes and his brother (or alter ego?), Miles McInnes, weighed in on the demonstration.

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Thursday night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show was a special broadcast, filmed on location at Columbia University in New York. While there, Ezra spoke to two students, brothers who had come to Columbia University from Georgia.

The pair spoke about how they felt many of the protesters were privileged kids who just wanted to feel apart of something: 

Our dad also, he's from Africa, immigrated here when he was 17. And he went to college here and thinks the same thing, he thinks it's sort of like a bunch of, I'd say, probably privileged kids who don't really know a whole lot about the situation — that they're just there to fight and be (apart) of something.

These kids are just using the money from the school, from banks and from their parents and just wasting it away."

Most of the protesters on the campus, however, weren't as inclined to give a comment to the Rebel Commander.

Ezra did, however, manage to hear from one prominent left-winger, Miles McInnes, the brother (or alter ego?) of former Rebel, Gavin McInnes. Helping make sense of the students' protest, "Miles" told Ezra what things are like inside the makeshift tent city:

We have seminars in there, we have bongo drums, we have security — two layers of security. So even if you tried bum rushing the show, we wouldn't let you in.

And a lot of it is just hanging around, we've been trying to put tarps on some tents using tape and it's not going well because none of us have actually had a job before, so we don't really know how to do stuff. You'll notice a lot of these tents are brand new, so it's the first time they've been used.

But we're learning as we go!

Conveniently, Gavin, the more well-known of the McInnes', also happened to be on the scene. He shared his thoughts on the rally, contradicting his "brother":

They're just such spoiled, weak and personality-less people. No one had any kind of gumption or character.

I saw you go up to maybe 100 different people and ask for an interview, and they would say no when you pulled up your microphone. Cowards.

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