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Every single day we’re hearing stories of law-abiding citizens — families, really — who are being ticketed and fined by overzealous police and bylaw officers.

We're not talking about the rambunctious house parties that fly in the face of social distancing and make a mockery of us all.

No — we're talking about people who are being fined for going out for a walk without a face mask. And we’re sick and tired of this. So, we're going to fight back in court.

We are going to crowdfund a lawyer for Australians who want to fight their outrageous tickets.

We are going to fight for Australian's civil rights. To see all of our coverage, go to FightTheFines.com.au.

If you've been fined during the pandemic for no good reason, please click here to contact us in confidence.

You may be eligible for free legal defence — where we will help fight your ticket! That means that we'll hire a lawyer, and we’ll pay all of your fees!

And if you haven’t personally been affected but want to help out, please chip in what you can to help us fight these cases by using the donation form on this page.

We believe that there are some reasonable limits that the public accepts to fight this pandemic. But whether it’s overzealous inspectors, police who just don’t understand the new rules, bureaucrats trying to scare the public, or politicians enjoying their “emergency” powers a little too much, there are so many unreasonable fines out there, someone has to defend our civil liberties.

If you believe someone has to fight back against these cases, then please help us out by making a donation on this page.

Australian cheques can be made payable to “Smith & Tapper Criminal Lawyers” with “on trust for Yemini” written as the “memo”. They can be posted to:

Smith & Tapper Lawyers
40/140 William Street
Melbourne VIC 3000