Hate mail, death threats: Kelowna Harvest Fellowship vows to carry on with in-person services

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Faith is not a building.

According to CTV, that’s what British Columbia’s Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said in response to B.C. pastors who have been risking being punished like criminals, simply because they believe their houses of worship are essential.

I bet pastors Art and Heather Lucier of Kelowna Harvest Fellowship would actually agree with Dr. Henry.

Faith is much more than a building. That’s why for them, it’s essential they keep their church doors open, even against B.C.’s public health orders, in order to support the members of their community that are desperate for in person worship. The Luciers are continuing to do so even after receiving threats of their building’s lease being terminated.

Sadly, it’s no longer surprising to hear of such forms of persecution against Christians practicing their religion in Canada as they feel necessary. Here at Rebel News we’ve covered many such examples, including how B.C.’s 100 Mile House Baptist Church has been threatened by the RCMP with calling the CRA, and its congregants with being arrested, for worshipping in person together.

The Luciers say they will keep moving forward with in person worship services for as long as God leads them to do so, and according to many of their congregants, it’s a matter of life and death that this church stays open.

After hearing about this church receiving thousands of dollars in fines, and the pastors receiving threats of physical harm, I travelled to see firsthand what goes on at this church. For those who watch this full report, I bet it will be hard to agree with Dr. Henry’s decision to forbid all religious gatherings, even though bars, busy malls and nail salons are open.

Though those should be open, too.

Kelowna Harvest Fellowship is literally saving lives, and yet its pastors and their community are being shamed and treated like criminals for doing so. We stand with the churches and places of worship that are fighting for freedom of religion to be treated as essential, and even struggling businesses who need to open to survive.

If you must open, head to iWillOpen.com, so we can stand with you as you tell your side of the story.

If you’ve received a tyrannical fine for anything COVID-19 related, or would like to donate to our legal clinic that provides free legal counsel to those who have, please head to FightTheFines.ca.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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