Health-care practitioner and writer Amy Hamm faces cancellation (for telling the truth)

In 2024, radical transgenderism continues to set the agenda. And those who have a differing opinion are targets for economic cancellation.

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The very definition of political correctness is not expressing something that might be offensive to someone or some group — even if you’re simply stating the truth.

Case in point: Amy Hamm of Vancouver. Hamm is a health-care practitioner and writer. But she has learned the hard way that if one offends Canada’s number one protected class today — that would be the transgenders — then the woke mob will come after you like so many enraged villagers brandishing torches in a Frankenstein movie.

In the case of Hamm, she believes that men are men and women are women.

But these days, we have a female U.S. Supreme Court judge who cannot define the word “woman”. And in Canada, we have a female Supreme Court judge who can define that word. It’s “person with a vagina” don’t you know? In 2024, radical transgenderism continues to set the agenda. And those who have a differing opinion are targets for economic cancellation.

Indeed, as reported recently by Drea Humphrey, Hamm, who is a self-proclaimed women’s and same-sex rights advocate, first ran into trouble with the British Columbia College for Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM) in 2020.

Hamm was inspired by Harry Potter author and women’s rights activist J.K. Rowling. Rowling penned an essay on gender identity ideology issues and their impact on sex-based rights which quickly went viral. That led to Hamm and a friend investing in a Vancouver billboard that proclaimed “I ❤️ JK Rowling”.

Says Hamm: “I was very pleased that, you know, such a famous and brilliant woman came out in support of these ideas that are very controversial.”

But alas, Hamm adds it was the sponsorship of the billboard that “sent an avalanche of activists after her.”

That billboard was promptly vandalized by members of the spirit unicorn community and was soon taken down; so much for the “love trumps hate” mantra so often espoused by the Rainbow Mafia...

And it wasn’t just the unhinged nuts who comprise the woke rank and file who came after Hamm.

The BCCNM actually combed through hundreds of Hamm’s online, off-duty statements and then accused Hamm of being “derogatory and discriminatory” against transgender persons. Wow. It would seem that the BCCNM is an early adopter of Bill C-63 — even before Trudeau’s uber-censorious legislation becomes law…

We met up with Hamm earlier this month in Toronto where she was a speaker at an event celebrating International Women's Day.

Hamm updated us on her ongoing battle with the BCCNM and what it’s like to face cancellation and economic penalization simply for having the temerity to exercise freedom of speech and freedom of expression rights. Then again, those concepts would seem to be on the endangered species list in Canada thanks to the ongoing tyranny by the minority…

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  • By David Menzies


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