How to spot Chinese coronavirus propaganda in the media, Wikipedia & more

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With Chinese disinformation spreading like wildfire during the coronavirus pandemic, it is more important than ever to know where you're getting your news from.

Unfortunately, many in the mainstream media have either willfully or blindly shared Chinese propaganda in a breathless effort to lay the blame for this global pandemic at the feet of Donald Trump, by whatever means necessary.

In this Communist Disinformation 101 tutorial, I identify the Chinese state news actors to watch out for, and identify the western journalists who are acting as stenographers for the Communists. This disinformation campaign even extends into Wikipedia, as I’ll show you.

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  • By Ezra Levant

We must protect 'The Libranos' from Justin Trudeau's censorship!

Elections Canada, under Justin Trudeau's leadership, is persecuting Ezra Levant for writing The Libranos, which compares Justin Trudeau to Tony Soprano. We have to fight back and set a precedent for freedom. We must fight — not just for Ezra's own book, but for everyone’s.

REBEL NEWS: Protect The Libranos!

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