Appeal could see Pastor Artur Pawlowski exonerated on all COVID-19 charges

Artur Pawlowski's lawyer, Sarah Miller, joins Adam Soos to provide an update on the pastor's fight to exonerate himself from the COVID-19 related charges he received during the pandemic.

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The enforcement of draconian COVID-19 measures saw several churches shuttered and numerous pastors arrested across Canada, so much so that United States Senator Josh Hawley suggested that Canada should be added a U.S. religious freedoms watchlist.

Alberta was one of the worst offenders when it came to persecuting Christians during COVID-19, which came as a surprise to many as then-premier Jason Kenney, a practicing Catholic, had been a champion of international religious freedoms as a federal politician prior to breaking his own promise on vaccine passports and jailing pastors for keeping their churches open to all.

Kenney, somewhat ironically, recently spoke at an event tackling global religious persecution despite his actions throughout the ‘pandemic’.

Pastor Artur Pawloski was undoubtedly one of the most prosecuted men in Canada and he amassed a litany of legal charges all for daring to feed the homeless, keep his church open and for preaching a message of peace to the Coutts truckers during their protest at the Alberta-U.S. border.

He faced numerous dramatic arrests, including at his home, an airport tarmac and the side of a busy highway and spent over two months behind bars, receiving treatment worse than drug dealers and violent criminals all for refusing to compromise his ministry.

Pastor Artur has secured legal victories on virtually all the charges he has faced despite being maligned as an extremist by many politicians and members of the media alike. In fact, the mischief charge stemming from his preaching, as a pastor does, at Coutts is the only COVID-19 related matter that Artur has not yet overcome with a legal victory.

Fortunately, as we know, Pastor Artur is not one to back down from a fight, nor is his legal counsel Sarah Miller who has secured win after win for Artur thanks to your donations at

With a new development on the appeals process coming this week, I was very fortunate to be joined by Sarah Miller of JSS Barristers to discuss the details of his case and to breakdown the ongoing process to secure this final legal win for the embroiled Polish pastor.

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