Justice and freedom for everyone — why we care about the Uighurs

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In this clip from the July 27 edition of the livestream, Ezra was asked an interesting pair of questions by a viewer:

  • why should conservatives care about the persecution of Uighurs besides reasons like owning the libs or owning the CCP? 
  • is the plight of Palestinian's comparable to the plight of Uighurs? If not, why not?

The first question made Ezra think of an old English poem, No Man Is An Island, by John Donne. In conclusion, Ezra summed it up succinctly:

The reason we care about Uighurs in concentration camps is because we care about justice and freedom for everyone. Maybe not as much as we would care about justice and freedom in our own house, our own street, our own town. But surely we care.

Ezra answered the second question by making a comparison between the situation in Israel and the situation in China:

There is not a million person concentration camp in Israel. Palestinians - and all Muslims - are not force-fed pork as they are in China. They're not in prisons doing forced labour. They're not undergoing reeducation. The Palestinian Authority controls local administration of government, schools, hospitals.

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