Justin Trudeau packages samosas at Toronto factory for photo op

Amid several crises facing Canadians, many took to social media to express their dismay over the prime minister’s continued photo ops.

Justin Trudeau packages samosas at Toronto factory for photo op
X/Justin Trudeau
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On Monday, November 13, Justin Trudeau was in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for several planned photo ops to mark Diwali celebrations. The prime minister attended a local business that was closed to the media, however footage spotted on social media shows Trudeau packing samosas into boxes and taking selfies with the team, while citizens across the country face a cost of living crisis.

Originally posted to the Chinese social media app, TikTok, by Canadian.foodies, the video's on-screen caption reads, “Justin Trudeau at Samosa and Sweet Factory.”

The video shows the PM jokingly counting the samosas as he packs them for shipment into the container, dressed in a uniform and a ball cap instead of a hairnet like the employees behind him.

When shared on X (formerly Twitter), many concerned Canadians who watched the video opined on Trudeau’s choices regarding how he uses his time while the ongoing housing and cost of living crises are top of mind for millions.

One man grilled the PM, noting that just the day before, another Jewish school was shot overnight as incidents of antisemitism continue to rise across the country.

Streets of Canada look like war zones, Jewish schools & businesses being shot at, cries for abolishing Jew being spewed over microphones in city centres & Trudeau is getting a photo op making samosas. WAF idiot!”

Another joked, “looks like he finally found a job he’s qualified for,” referencing Trudeau’s former occupations including being a high-school drama teacher and ski-instructor.

Canadian political commentator Viva Frei commented on the lack of safety protocols from Trudeau, joking that the PM recently got double jabbed with the latest mRNA booster and flu shot at the same time.

"No hair-net.

Also, no face-masks. I guess he's vaccinated, so he doesn't need one. That was the science, right?

And it would be a blessing to the whichever lucky citizen who gets the samosa with Dear Leader @JustinTrudeau's spittle on it."

The Liberals' growing carbon tax has been revealed to increase inflation by 16%, and recently announced immigration numbers show 500,000 new immigrants will be entering country, while housing supply has a 3.5 million unit gap as noted by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

PM Trudeau was also heckled by a pro-Hamas protester while visiting Sheridan College. The protester asked why he didn’t consider Hamas a ‘resistance’, like Ukrainians fighting against Russia, and why he supports Israel.

Justin Trudeau replied, “Hamas is a terrorist organization.” The group murdered over 1,200 Israelis during its October 7 massacre and took over 240 hostages. The Israel Defense Forces are now in an ongoing conflict with Hamas to retake the kidnapped civilians.

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