• By Ezra Levant

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Once again, Justin Trudeau has banned our Rebel News reporters from asking him questions. This time, he’s banning us from his daily press scrum about the pandemic.

So, once again, we’re taking him to court.

Today, we filed a lawsuit at the Federal Court of Canada. You can read our nine-page lawsuit below. But here is a short video I made, explaining our case:


Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Trudeau has illegally censored our reporters. The last time was during the 2019 federal election when Trudeau banned us from covering the leaders’ debates. We had to race to the Federal Court of Canada to get an emergency injunction to let us in. The judge agreed with us and ordered Trudeau’s bureaucrats to let us in.

Well, here we go again!

Trudeau spent over $131,000 tax dollars to fight us in court last time, hiring five lawyers. I don’t know how they managed to bill that much money — maybe they were from SNC Lavalin or Bombardier or something. Our lawyers cost us $18,000, which is a fair amount. Trudeau’s lawyers cost seven times more to run the same half-day trial. And they got thumped.

We’ve got the same legal “dream team” fighting for us again, so I’m hopeful. 

Here’s the key point in our lawsuit: Trudeau himself isn’t censoring us. What’s so bad here is that Trudeau has instructed the non-partisan, neutral civil service to censor us. And that’s why we’re suing!

We're not asking a court to order Trudeau to talk to us. We're asking the public service, the so-called non-partisan bureaucrats who work for the Government of Canada, to stop blocking us.

They’re the ones who operate the call-in system for the press conference. They’re the ones who are doing the censoring. And that’s how we’re going to win this lawsuit.

It was illegal when the debates commission did it, and it’s illegal again now. 

Read the lawsuit for yourself below. Sign our petition. And if you can — please chip in to help us fight against the army of lawyers that Trudeau will throw at this.

We’re suing to get our reporters in.

But we’re really suing for all Canadians — to strengthen freedom of the press for everyone, and to hold Trudeau to account, where the Media Party won’t.

A long time ago, the left cared about civil liberties and freedom of the press. Not any more — at least not when it’s Trudeau doing the censoring. So the job has fallen to us — and our excellent lawyers.

Please sign our petition, and click here to help us fight in court!