Liberal MP Ya'ara Saks goes from ridiculous to reprehensible, and her constituents are furious

Our Rebel News billboard truck was on the scene as protesters held a rally outside the constituency office of Ya'ara Saks after the Liberal cabinet minister was pictured alongside terrorist leader Mahmoud Abbas.

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Some things you need to know about the federal riding of York Centre in north Toronto: the member of Parliament is Liberal Ya’ara Saks; she is a Canadian-Israeli Jew; there is a significant Jewish population in York Centre.

So, riddle us this: why in the world did Saks and Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly go to Ramallah last week and stage a photo op with Mahmoud Abbas?

Some things you need to know about Mahamoud Abbas: he is the leader of the Palestinian Authority; he is a Holocaust denier; he believes that the October 7th massacre in Israel was an inside job carried out by the Israeli Defence Forces (as opposed the Hamas terrorist group).

And worst of all, he’s a “pay-for-slay” guy. Which is to say, as a side hustle, Abbas he operates a so-called “Martyrs Fund.” If someone is inclined to kill an Israeli Jew, that person (or his family, should he himself get killed in the assassination) will receive a hefty paycheque.

So again, why was Saks embracing a terrorist supporter who literally has Jewish blood on his hands? Where is the logic? What political capital did Saks hope to cultivate? It’s baffling.

Indeed, another thing you need to know about Saks: she is the Minister of Mental Health Addictions. We hate to be rude, but given her recent behaviour, is Ya’ara Saks suffering from mental illness herself?

That recent getaway to Ramallah was nothing short of appalling. And many constituents and for that matter Canadians from coast to coast feel the same way.

On Monday, several people staged a peaceful demonstration in front of Saks’s constituency office (as per usual, neither Saks nor any of her staffers were at the office.) The crowd angrily demanded that she resign.

And here’s another thing you need to know about Monday’s demonstration: the law enforcement response was over the top. We counted more than 40 law enforcement vehicles, the lion’s share of which had taken over the parking lot at a nearby church. We don’t think the constables were there to get good seats for Sunday services.

So then, what was the reason for this overkill? The protest was both peaceful and relatively small. There was no pro-Hamas counter-protest, aside from one random unhinged passerby calling the demonstrators and certain journalists “Zionist pigs.”

Amazingly, we also discovered by chance that at a nearby school, the Toronto Police Mounted Unit was on standby! More unneeded law enforcement for Saks’s empty office? Or was there an illicit rib joint opening up a la Adam Skelly’s now-defunct Adamson BBQ?

If you can imagine, even the Chief Myron Demkiw was on hand. Why?

Indeed, Monday afternoon would’ve been a great day to rob a bank in Hogtown given the number of police resources deployed to stand on guard for… the empty office of Ya’ara Saks.

But that’s the thing, isn’t it? Saks is a member of the Liberal elite. That means a whole platoon will gladly do her bidding on the taxpayer dime (we estimate the cost of Monday’s law enforcement kabuki theatre was surely in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.)

As for regular Joes and Janes facing real life and death situations? Shamefully, it’s not uncommon to be put on HOLD when one dials 9-1-1 in Toronto these days. Then again, the Toronto Police Service has a whiz-bang solution when it comes to crime.

Last week, a Toronto cop recommended that citizens leave their car keys at their front door to make it easier for a thief to steal your car. That way, nobody gets hurt when you wave goodbye to your beloved Bimmer.

(Just asking: should we also stuff a $50 bill in an envelope to ensure Mugsy has gas money?)

Our Rebel News jumbotron-equipped billboard truck was on the scene at the protest outside of Saks's office. Our message du jour: sign our petition at (and while you are there, folks, kindly kick in a few bucks to cover our costs. Our thanks in advance.)

Oh, and don’t worry, we instructed our driver to lay off the horn. You see, Saks believes that “honk-honk” is “an acronym” for “heil Hitler.”

She actually said that two years ago when she was vilifying the Freedom Convoy participants. It would seem that Ya’ara Saks is not only vile, but she’s also an idiot.

Postscript: a sign in her constituency office window stated the following: “Hate has no home here.” We’re calling B.S. on that slogan when it comes to the MP for York Centre. Clearly, Ya’ara Saks is the textbook definition of a self-hating Jew...

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