Liberals changing election date to ensure another payday before a well-earned defeat

The Liberals are moving the fixed election date by just a week — from October 20 to October 27, 2025. They say they're doing this for diversity reasons, except it guarantees a payday for 80 MPs and features a number of changes to benefit the Liberals' re-election efforts.

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The Liberals are changing our election date to ensure they get another payday on their way to their well-deserved election loss in 2025.

But that's not even the worst thing in Bill C-65, which amends the Elections Act to expand mail-in voting, on-campus voting and voting in nursing homes. It also criminalizes "election misinformation" with a maximum of five years in jail!

The Liberals are moving the fixed election date by just a week — from October 20 to October 27. They say they're doing this for diversity reasons, so Canadians celebrating Diwali can vote after the holiday.

However, if Trudeau moves the in-person voting date by just a few days, 80 members of Parliament, many of whom are Liberals sure to lose their seats in the next election, will qualify for their MP pension.

MPs are eligible for a pension after six years of service. MPs first elected in the 2019 election are not eligible for their pension until Oct. 21, 2025. The annual MP pension starts at 32,000 to 45,000 per year.

But that's the end of the Liberal conniving.

The law will expand mail-in voting, including by allowing voters who registered for but did not use their special ballot to vote in person on election day with safeguards to prevent double-voting. The Liberals never say what those safeguards are.

Although there were allegations of Chinese interference in the last election, bussing in students to vote for a preselected candidate, the new law expands the Vote on Campus program from 2015.

The new law ensures that geriatric patients vote Liberal by having on-site voting for electors in long-term care homes, including allowing staff to identify the best day and time for residents to vote.

Again, an odd amendment given allegations of CCP operatives bussing in Chinese seniors to vote for Liberal candidates in 2019.

The Liberals can even get someone to vote for you, claiming they're doing it to combat ableism by giving voters who require assistance, such as those with disabilities rendering them unable to mark their ballot, the choice of who may help them when voting.

The law will also see a ban on "intentionally false or misleading statements about election activities or the voting process to disrupt an election or its results," which might include this news item explaining how the Liberals' plans to disrupt the electoral process.

Those “false statements” could result in a criminal conviction, with a maximum fine of $50,000 and/or prison for up to five years.

Democratic Institutions Minister Dominic LeBlanc said this legislation will protect democracy. It does the opposite — it makes Canadian democracy more vulnerable than ever, while the Liberals have the side hustle of enriching a potential 80 MPs on the way out the door.

No one wants this except Liberal politicians and their enablers in the NDP — foreign operatives looking to ensure their guy wins.

Help us send a message to the Trudeau Liberals and their codependent coalition partner in the NDP: Leave our democracy alone. Sign the petition. Keep our elections fair. Keep our fixed election date. Go to

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