Man held at Edmonton Remand Centre dead after an alleged altercation involving COVID rules

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“Maybe his death wasn’t criminal, but the beating was,” says the mother of man killed after a “confrontation” from an alleged mask dispute at the Edmonton Remand Centre took a deadly turn. 

An ambulance was called for a 50-year-old father of two who was taken to Edmonton Remand Centre over an unpaid insurance fine from 2019.

Daniel Winston Robinson was making his last DoorDash delivery on August 23, 2021, when the police pulled him over for his brake lights being out. During that stop, police discovered that he had an unpaid insurance fine.

“I guaranteed him, I promised him, I’d make sure that fine was paid then he could get to his job. He told me that he’d call me the next day,” his mother Marilyn Hayward says. 

But that call never came.

Daniel's brother Mike Robinson says the police never called the family to let them know their son was in the ICU.

When his mother, Marilyn, phoned the isolation unit where Daniel was being held in search of information on what happened, she says that she was told the “confrontation” stemmed from a mask dispute.

But the mother does not believe this story. She says that her son had no problems wearing a mask before, and that everybody who knew him and worked with him knows this.

“It wasn’t over a mask. It wasn’t. Something else took place before that.”

The family and the public is not allowed to see the video footage of what really happened.

Edmonton police say:

The EPS Institute Investigation Unit began a criminal investigation into an Aug. 24 incident at the Edmonton Remand Centre (ERC), when a male detainee became involved in a confrontation with ERC staff. The male later died in hospital on Aug. 30. An autopsy completed on Sept. 7 determined the death was non-criminal. As such, the EPS is no longer conducting a criminal investigation. Alberta Justice and Solicitor General is the contact for further information.

The Solicitor General did not respond to our inquiry within the time limit.

Rebel News filed an access to information request about three weeks ago, and was promised some sort of reply by the end of November 4, but did not get one.

The family says that they are being left in the dark, and that the process could take five years.

“How do you go against the system? They kill your brother, they have all the evidence, stacks of paperwork for you to do, and tell you to sit there and wait,” Mike says.

Daniel, who was looking forward to being released to get to his job, suffered a cardiac arrest after the “confrontation” allegedly over not wanting to wear a mask when the guards came to release him.

It took four men to restrain him, and he was given a sedative called Midazolam, a drug administrated to slow breathing. He was left without oxygen for about 20 minutes.

Questions remain as to what happened to Daniel Winston Robinson.

Do the guards think that the public could excuse their brutality if they could blame it on the victim for allegedly not wanting to wear a mask?

Will the public and/or the family ever be able to see the footage of what really happened?

Those interested in supporting the family can visit their GoFundMe page.

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  • By David Menzies

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