Missouri AG calls for teen to be charged as adult after brutal beating caught on video

A 15-year-old girl may face severe charges following a vicious attack that left the victim critically injured.

Missouri AG calls for teen to be charged as adult after brutal beating caught on video
AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib
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Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has demanded that a 15-year-old girl be prosecuted as an adult after a disturbing video surfaced showing her viciously attacking another girl, leaving the victim with life-threatening injuries.

The incident occurred on Friday afternoon in St. Louis County, where police responded to reports of a fight around 2:30 p.m. They found the victim, a 15-year-old named Kaylee, with a severe head injury, and she was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition, according to her mother, the Daily Wire reported.

"This evil and complete disregard for human life has no place in Missouri, or anywhere," Bailey said. "I am praying for the victim. The criminal should be charged and tried as an adult. If the victim dies, that offense should rise to a homicide."

The footage, which has gone viral, depicts a physical confrontation between two girls, with the attacker appearing significantly larger than her victim. The attacker can be seen throwing the other girl to the ground and raining blows upon her face.


As the victim attempts to flee, the attacker grabs her, slams her onto the pavement, and proceeds to repeatedly smash the girl's head against the ground. Bystanders are seen watching and recording the brutal attack on their cell phones.

A GoFundMe page set up for the victim states that she suffered a fractured skull, frontal lobe damage, and major brain bleeding as a result of the assault.

The Hazelwood School District, which both girls attended and has focused on diversity and inclusion initiatives, released a statement expressing condolences and calling for community action.

"It is a tragedy anytime children are hurt. Bullying and fighting in the community is an issue for which we all need to take ownership and work towards a resolution for the sake of our children," the district said, offering support services.

The shocking case has sparked outrage, with the state's top law enforcement official pushing for the teenage attacker to face harsh consequences through the adult criminal justice system if convicted.

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