Oklahoma medical examiner reveals 'nonbinary' teen Nex Benedict died from intentional drug overdose

The toxicology report contradicts the initial media narratives suggesting that Nex Benedict's death resulted from a beating by bullies.

Oklahoma medical examiner reveals 'nonbinary' teen Nex Benedict died from intentional drug overdose
Sue Benedict via AP, File
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The death of Dagny "Nex" Benedict, a "nonbinary" teenager from Oklahoma, which garnered national attention due to media reports suggesting the teen died from injuries sustained in a beating by bullies, has been determined by a medical examiner to be the result of an intentional drug overdose.

According to a statement from the Owasso Police Department, as reported by KJRH, the toxicology report indicates that Benedict died by suicide, overdosing on a combination of Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) and Fluoxetine (Prozac). The department waited to release the cause of death until the report was finalized.

"From the beginning of this investigation, Owasso Police observed many indications that this death was the result of suicide," the police statement said, per the Washington Post. "However, investigators did not wish to confirm that information without the final results being presented by the Oklahoma Medical Examiners Office."

Initial media reports, such as one from Teen Vogue, painted a different picture, quoting an anonymous source claiming to be the mother of Benedict's best friend, who said the cause of death was "complications from brain trauma" following an alleged beating by "three older girls" in a school bathroom.

However, in an interview with police officer Caleb Thompson while in the hospital with no visible injuries, Benedict admitted to instigating the fight by pouring water on the other girls after they made comments about Benedict and friends. Thompson informed Benedict that this action could lead to assault charges.

"Running the mouth is freedom of speech, unfortunately," the officer said. "You can say mean, hurtful things all day long and you gotta let it roll off your shoulder."

The day after returning home from the hospital, Benedict's mother called 911 to report the teen's shallow breathing. Benedict passed away shortly after, with the medical examiner confirming the cause as an overdose, not physical trauma.

Oklahoma Superintendent of Public Instruction Ryan Walters criticized the media's portrayal of Benedict's tragic death, telling The New York Times, "I think it's terrible that we've had some radical leftists who decided to run with a political agenda and try to weave a narrative that hasn't been true. You've taken a tragedy, and you've had some folks try to exploit it for political gain."

Despite Walters' comments, the same New York Times article suggested Benedict's death was related to the altercation the day before, highlighting the discrepancies between initial media narratives and the official findings.

Popular conservative X account Libs of TikTok was widely blamed by the trans activist community for Benedict's death, with some, like Ari Drennen, the LGBTQ program director for the pro-censorship media "watchdog" organization Media Matters for America, claimed, "Every trans suicide is a murder. Remember Nex Benedict."

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