Open Saskatchewan! We filed a constitutional challenge against lockdown laws

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We’ve filed a constitutional challenge to Saskatchewan’s lockdown laws!

There are 76 hospitals in Saskatchewan. And according to the latest statistics, there are a grant total of 33 people in the entire province — out of a population of nearly 1.2 million — who are in intensive care from the virus. So one person for every two hospitals. In a province larger than France.

I’m not trivializing even a single death. But I’m pointing out that it is not a crisis by any normal measure.

We’ve helped people in Saskatchewan and around Canada with our Fight The Fines project. We crowdfund lawyers to defend them. But that’s reactive. It’s defensive. It doesn’t solve the problem — it’s like whack-a-mole. The government will just fine more people, just bring in more lockdown rules. It won’t end, will it? They love it too much. But this has to stop.

Did you know that the Charter of Rights applies in Canada even during a lockdown? Lockdown rules still have to respect the Charter, or they’re illegal.

That’s the crux of our argument in our 10-page lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the public health orders in Saskatchewan that have improperly put the whole province in a lockdown.

Our lawsuit focuses on what the Charter calls our “fundamental freedoms” — including freedom of speech, freedom of association and freedom of assembly. Because nearly a year after we were all told it was just “two weeks to flatten the curve”, they’re still flattening our civil liberties.

We reached out first to the Justice Minister and Health Minister to see if we could find some compromise. They refused to budge. So we sued!

You can read the lawsuit for yourself on — and the three affidavit’s we’ve filed in support of it.

I hope you agree that it’s the most powerful challenge to Saskatchewan’s lockdowns yet.

And if you can help us crowdfund our legal eagles, I’d be very grateful — I don’t want to reveal exactly how much we’ve spent already on this lawsuit, but I’m sure we’ll end up spending close to $150,000 by the time we’re done.

But it’s not about the money. It’s about our freedoms. It’s about opening Saskatchewan.

And hopefully other provinces will be inspired, and they’ll want to open up, too.

The Charter of Rights requires governments to balance all other objectives — including public health orders — with our fundamental freedoms. Any infringements have to be minimal, directly connected to the alleged problem the government’s trying to solve and they have to be proportionate.

We believe the Saskatchewan government hasn’t done any of those things with its lockdown.

Obviously we’re up against the unlimited resources of the government.

If you can help us level the playing field, please donate by visiting

View all the legal documents we filed here:

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$71,003.00 Raised
Goal: $150,000.00


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