PETITION: Trudeau, keep your hands off our guns

For all the talk of public safety coming from Justin Trudeau, his actions seem to indicate he is entirely committed to punishing legal firearms owners and utterly unwilling to target smugglers, gangs and violent criminals.

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Justin Trudeau’s latest gun grab, which limits access to handguns and adds a number of concerning and arguably ineffective hoops to jump through, goes a long way to impede law-abiding sport shooters and hunters from legally and safely enjoying the sport they love and to undermine a traditional part of Canadian culture that many have enjoyed for generations.

If you want to sign our petition and tell Trudeau to keep his hands off our guns, click here.

The Trudeau government has been pushing arbitrary gun restrictions and regulations since coming into power, and in that time, gun violence has increased significantly. This is largely because while Justin Trudeau is making life even more of a red-tape nightmare for legal gun owners who are following the rules, he is actually softening penalties for those who commit gun crimes. Trudeau also refuses to take meaningful action to secure the border and stop the entry of illegal firearms.

For all the talk of safety for Canadians coming from Trudeau, his actions all seem to indicate that he is entirely committed to infringing upon the rights of some of most vetted, screened and law-abiding Canadians you could find — legal firearms owners — and utterly unwilling to target smugglers, gangs and violent criminals.

We joined JR Cox, the owner of The Shooting Edge in Calgary, to get his inside and expert opinion on the challenges this latest afront to the firearms community will bring for average Canadians, sport shooters, hunters, and his club. We also spoke with some of the folks who counted themselves among the hundreds lined up at shops across Calgary, and likely Canada, trying to get their purchases in before Trudeau cuts them off, if he gets his way, to garner their opinion on the looming restrictions.

Rebel News will be covering this attack on the rights of law-abiding firearms owners closely, with ongoing coverage and regular updates at Check in regularly and if you haven’t already, sign our petition and ask your friends to do the same.

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PETITION: Hands Off Our Guns

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