Police, bylaw show up at Calgary cafe moments after CBC reporter leaves

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Did the CBC sic the cops on a small business?

Moments after the CBC left Café Wisk in Calgary, Alberta, the police and a health inspector came to ticket the owner.

Jordan Castrillon, a veteran and the owner of Wisk, had put up signs saying that all café customers would be treated equally, whether they wore a mask or not. Coincidentally, or perhaps not so much, after the state broadcaster was done sneering at the owner, state law enforcement filled their place.

A ticket was issued to Castrillon for not wearing a mask in his bakery, despite him being legally exempt from doing so, and being completely alone at the time of the alleged offence.

According to Castrillon, the ticket contains errors that he thinks may have been intentional, which should make it easy to have it thrown out in court.

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