WATCH: Police taken to court three years after ‘false’ COVID arrests

Freedom fighter Monica Smit discusses her determination to seek justice against Victoria Police over wrongful arrests during Victoria's infamous COVID lockdowns.

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Monica Smit sat down with Rebel News to discuss her motivation and the significance of her fight for justice against Victoria Police over wrongful arrests during Victoria's infamous COVID lockdowns.

A prominent Australian figure known for her reporting and activism during the state's lockdowns, she has announced her impending trial against Victoria Police, scheduled for July 23rd.

Monica, who faced three arrests in one day on October 31st, 2020, stresses that her case represents a broader issue of wrongful arrests during the pandemic.

Despite the challenges and risks involved, she is determined to pursue justice, stating, "They can't withdraw because guess what? They're not in charge. We are."

During the interview, Monica recounted her experience of being fined twice for COVID violations, only for the fines to be withdrawn on the day of her hearing. She highlighted the disproportionate response of law enforcement, noting the excessive presence of police during peaceful gatherings.

Regarding her expectations for the trial, Monica expressed a desire to hold Victoria Police accountable publicly.

"I don't plan on winning, but I plan on airing these things in public," she said. "Even if just embarrassing them is all it does, I'm happy to do that."

She also urged supporters to attend the trial, turning it into a collective statement against police overreach.

Despite acknowledging the need to move forward, she underlined the importance of supporting her cause.

"Move on with your life, but support me because I can do it," she said.

Monica said she had 'butterflies' after landing back in Melbourne and was anxious about the upcoming trial, but stated that she is resolute in her commitment to seeking justice. She also pledged to use any potential payout from the trial to further the freedom movement.

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