BREAKING: Monica Smit ARRESTED for incitement

The leader of Reignite Democracy Australia live-streamed her arrest.

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Leader of the anti-lockdown political party, Reignite Democracy Australia, was pulled over today while driving and then arrested.

Miss Smit began live streaming as police pulled her over.

"I've just been pulled over by the cops, it's probably because I'm outside my 5km", Monica says to her audience.

Melbourne is currently on a stay-at-home order, and you can only leave your home for the five permitted reasons, but you must not go further than 5km.

An officer is then heard telling Monica:

"We're just from the Springvale police station. At the moment, we need to have a chat with you about a matter of incitement. So I need to place you under arrest".

The video ends as police take possession of her phone.

More to follow.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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