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UPDATE! The final bills have come through and we've blown the budget by about $15,000! I need your help to cover the costs and that way I can focus on creating the content. I'm so excited to get on with it but I cannot do it without you.


Today marks a pivotal moment in the journey of Rebel News Australia. We're embarking on an ambitious endeavour: Building our very own Australian studio. This isn't just about upgrading our equipment or sprucing up our surroundings — it's about fundamentally transforming the way we deliver news and engage with our audience.

We're not merely building walls and installing equipment; we're constructing a platform for truth, a hub for independent journalism that challenges the status quo and amplifies voices that often go unheard. It's a space where ideas will be born, stories told and conversations ignited.

It's about planting our flag and creating a home for Rebel News in Australia — a home that reflects the passion, dedication, and tenacity of our team and our supporters.

In this studio, we'll break boundaries, push limits and defy expectations. We'll bring you news and analysis that cuts through the noise, that challenges the narratives peddled by the mainstream media and that champions the causes that matter most to you.

So as we embark on this journey, we invite you to join us. Together, let's build something extraordinary — a beacon of truth, a bastion of freedom, and a testament to the power of independent media. Welcome to the future of Rebel News Australia.


With our new studio, we're not just upgrading, we're revolutionising. Picture this: advanced cameras capturing every detail, professional lighting enhancing every frame and cutting-edge sound equipment ensuring crystal-clear audio. This isn't just about upgrading, we're going to set a new standard for independent media production.


The timing couldn't be better. We're gearing up for panel discussions, podcasts and video specials — events that demand a professional setting. Imagine election nights with a dynamic panel dissecting every twist and turn. Following the massive government overreach we saw in Australia during the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to further position ourselves as a leading independent voice ahead of the next election.


But here's the reality: none of this happens without your support. From securing the space to installing top-tier equipment, every step of this journey relies on the generosity of our viewers. Together, we can turn this vision into reality.


If you believe in our mission, now's the time to show your support. Whether it's a small contribution or a larger investment, every dollar brings us closer to our goal. Chip in and be part of this exciting chapter in Rebel News Australia's story.


And one more thing. I want to tell you a way to permanently make your mark – literally – on our Australian HQ.

Just like our Canadian HQ, we plan to decorate the walls of our office have symbolic bricks with donors' names on them — and little inscriptions. We will have regular bricks. And we have cornerstones. And we have a few very special foundation stones — symbolically, supporting the whole place.

They will act as a permanent reminder of who our boss is: you, not politicians or billionaires.

Every day I will look at those names to remind me of my moral obligation to live up to your expectations, and to work as hard as I can to be worthy of your gift.

So that's how you can literally be a part of our plan.

  • $100 gets you a symbolic brick on the wall, with a short inscription.
  • $500 gets you a symbolic foundation stone + a signed book of my bestseller, A Rebel From The Start.
  • $1,500 gets you a very rare symbolic cornerstone + a signed book of my bestseller, A Rebel From The Start + a personal thank you phone call from me!
  • $5,000 gets you special recognition as a studio sponsor with your name (or company) and a customised inscription on a large, rare, symbolic placard on the wall of the new studio + a signed book of my bestseller, A Rebel From The Start + a personal thank you phone call and lunch with me!
  • $20,000 gets you exclusive studio naming rights! We will name the studio after you or your company. Every time I report from the studio, I'll will say Avi Yemini for Rebel News reporting from the YOUR NAME Studio in Melbourne, Australia! Your name (or company) and a customised inscription on a large, rare, symbolic placard on the wall of the new studio + all other perks including lunch with me!

We're truly independent, so we rely on our viewers. That's the better way to be.

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