WATCH: Aussie veteran condemns 'DISGUSTING' anti-Israel protesters

Veterans have expressed outrage as protesters and activists attempt to disrupt and desecrate ANZAC Day commemorations nationwide.

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Australian veterans have expressed outrage following attempts by anti-Israel protesters to disrupt and desecrate ANZAC Day commemorations across the country.

Dave Menz, President of the Aussie Veterans Association spoke out against the shocking disrespect shown towards the solemnity of the day by anti-Israel activists who tried to disrupt and desecrate commemorations around the country.

Reflecting on the significance of ANZAC Day, Dave stressed its importance as a day of remembrance and unity for veterans, and a day that should not never be overshadowed by activists seeking to re-write history.

"It's the Veterans Day where we march and we honor our fallen, where we get together with friends and we meet friends we haven't seen for ages. They got 365 days a year. Why would you do it on Anzac Day?" he remarked.

"This is not good for their cause or for them. Totally disrespectful, totally the wrong day."

Dave further commented on the appalling scenes witnessed this year, including one protester dragging the Australian flag along the ground wrapped in a Palestinian flag.

"As a soldier, you're taught the flag is your flag. When you put the flag up the pole, when it comes down the pole. You never let the flag touch the ground. It's a piece of cloth to some people ... To us, it's the chosen flag. It's our flag. And it should not be desecrated in any way whatsoever," he asserted.

Expressing frustration with the lack of government intervention, Dave called for stricter laws against flag desecration.

"Why aren't the government getting in and saying you can have your protest, but this is beyond a joke? It should be a law that you can't burn the flag. There should be a law to say if you desecrate the flag in any way you're going to jail, forget the fine. Put them in jail. That's the easiest way," he urged.

Dave questioned the motives behind the protesters' actions, suggesting a "twisted" logic that views Australian veterans as enemies.

He stressed the need to expose the true intentions of anti-Israel activists and to stand united against their agenda.

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