'Lying' Aussie PM refuses to back down after tearful allegation

Australian Prime Minister dismisses accusations of lying at a rally against violence towards women where he left a young female organiser in tears.

'Lying' Aussie PM refuses to back down after tearful allegation
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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese faced criticism after remarks made at a "no more" rally outside Parliament House. Organisers accused him of lying about being denied permission to speak.

Sarah Williams, a rally organiser, condemned his statement as a "flat out lie," leaving her in tears and causing distress among attendees.

Despite the accusation, Albanese shifted focus to the rally's purpose: raising awareness of the 'urgent need to address violence against women.'

However, his harsh targeting of men also attracted criticism as he justified the necessity of cultural change and individual action to combat the crisis.

Responding to inquiries on morning TV shows, Albanese remained resolute, citing the 'emotional nature' of the issue, and failing to answer direct questions about the controversial incident.

Meanwhile, Nationals frontbencher Barnaby Joyce called for a focus on family units and the impact of pornography on attitudes towards women, sparking debate on preventative measures.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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