Violent anti-Israel protesters target football fan in Melbourne

A disturbing altercation between anti-Israel protesters and a Sydney Swans fan unfolded in Melbourne with Burgertory owner Hash Tayeh spotted in the thick of it.

Violent anti-Israel protesters target football fan in Melbourne
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A wild confrontation erupted on the streets of Melbourne over the weekend as a Sydney Swans supporter was attacked by anti-Israel protesters.

The incident, captured on video, depicts the AFL fan being accosted by demonstrators near a Melbourne pub, with controversial Burgertory owner Hash Tayeh among the group.

Tayeh has been in the news headlines again after claiming his home was firebombed as a 'hate crime,' despite previously making similar accusations when his Burgertory business was the target of an arson attack.

Police later linked the crime to a spate of arson incidents in Melbourne's 'tobacco wars,' which Tayeh was commenting on before the fire at his shop.

The altercation occurred on Sunday, coinciding with a 'Free Palestine' Rally that saw protesters marching from the State Library to the Victorian Parliament House. 

In the footage shared on TikTok, the Swans supporter, sporting the team's scarf, is seen being confronted by a bearded protester.

The exchange escalates as the protester questions the fan's intentions. Despite attempts to defuse the situation, the supporter was set upon by the group even after expressing some agreement with their cause.

As tensions rise, bystanders intervene to prevent further escalation. A nearby pub staffer stepped in, attempting to restrain one of the protesters.

The footage captures the chaotic scene as the Swans supporter retreats into the venue, while the group of protesters rush at him.

The incident, which unfolded ahead of the Swans' match against Hawthorn at the MCG, has sparked controversy online.

Victoria Police have informed media that they were not called to the scene, and no reports have been filed regarding the altercation.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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