Australian government called out for 'siding with terrorists' in UN vote

Liberal MPs condemn Labor's decision to support Palestine's UN status upgrade in a move that has ignited controversy.

Australian government called out for 'siding with terrorists' in UN vote
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Two Liberal MPs have slammed the Labor government's decision for Australia to back Palestine's bid for an upgraded status at the United Nations.

Liberal Senator Dave Sharma vowed to scrutinise Labor's choice, questioning the rationale behind supporting Palestine's move to be recognised as eligible for UN membership.

Australia joined 142 other nations in voting in favour of the motion, while nine countries, including the United States and Israel, opposed it. Another 25 countries, including the United Kingdom and Ukraine, abstained from voting.

Foreign Minister Penny Wong claimed that the motion aimed to enhance the "observer status" of the Palestinian mission, not grant it full membership or voting rights in the General Assembly. She said the resolution's alignment with the two-state solution for Israel and Palestine.

However, Senator Sharma called out the decision as conflicting with Australian values and foreign policy interests.

He expressed disbelief at the government's actions, labelling it as a departure from mainstream governance.

Likewise, Liberal MP Julian Leeser condemned the move as a departure from Australia's values and Western democratic principles, accusing the Labor government of undermining national values by 'siding with terrorists.'

The decision, according to Leeser, reflects domestic political interests rather than sound foreign policy principles.

Senator Sharma also speculated on Israel's reaction to Australia's vote, suggesting disbelief and concern over the shift in foreign policy under the Albanese government.

He criticised the resolution for potentially rewarding Hamas for its actions, rather than promoting peace or encouraging negotiations.

Despite these criticisms, Foreign Minister Wong defended the vote as a rejection of Hamas's goals and methods, reaffirming Australia's support for a two-state solution.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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