Hate crime hoaxer cries victim again in second fire-bombing incident

Anti-Israel activist Hash Tayeh alleges another hate crime after a Molotov cocktail attack on his home, despite previous false accusations.

Hate crime hoaxer cries victim again in second fire-bombing incident
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Hash Tayeh, known for his anti-Israel activism and previous false accusations of hate crimes, has once again claimed victimhood after an alleged fire-bombing incident at his home.

Tayeh took to Instagram to share footage of the 'terror' attack and demanded his followers 'amplify' his calls for justice.

The vocal Palestinian-Australian, who previously falsely accused the local Jewish community of arson on his Burgertory restaurant, has again stirred division with his latest claims. 

Despite previous accusations being debunked, Tayeh insists on 'amplifying his demand for justice' and calls for a police investigation into the incident at his home.

Tayeh's history of deceptive narratives has sparked outrage and led to dangerous consequences, including violent protests and harassment of innocent individuals.

Following his false claim of a hate crime in the wake of anti-Israel activism, a young Jewish man faced harassment and even attempted suicide due to relentless online attacks.

Police were forced to deploy pepper spray and evacuated a synagogue after 100 protesters gathered in a park across the road during Shabbat prayers on the 85th anniversary of Kristallnacht.

Go Fund Me campaign raised almost $65,000 to 'Rebuild Burgetory' falsely claiming that 'Hash Tayeh an Australian-Palestinian has been subjected to a hate crime'.

Just days before the blaze, Tayeh was recorded on a podcast talking about arson incidents from within his Arab community but later shifted blame to suit his 'anti-Zionist' activism.

Tayeh's departure from the country amidst police investigations further fueled suspicions surrounding his credibility.

Police later apprehended a 27-year-old man and later detained a 25-year-old man over the Burgertory fire, linking the crime to a spate of arson incidents in Melbourne's 'tobacco wars,' which Tayeh was commenting on before the arson of his shop.

Authorities are likely to approach the situation with caution, considering Tayeh's history of misleading accusations and the potential for further escalation.

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