Aussie PM pushes censorship crackdown due to 'online misogyny'

Labor looks to give controversial eSafety Commissioner even more power to identify 'high-risk individuals' as it seeks to combat violent crimes against women by attacking free speech.

Aussie PM pushes censorship crackdown due to 'online misogyny'
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Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is rallying for stronger measures against what it deems as 'misogynistic content' circulating online, stressing the urgency of addressing the issue before a 'critical' national cabinet session centred on women’s safety.

The gathering marks the first of its kind in 2024, with a significant focus on fortifying efforts to 'prevent violence, particularly through tackling online harms.'

Key priorities outlined by federal authorities include enhanced collaboration on identifying 'high-risk individuals' and 'habitual offenders,' alongside a concerted push to counteract the proliferation of 'violent and misogynistic material' across social media platforms.

Michelle Rowland, the communications minister, claimed there was widespread frustration over the prevalence of such content, particularly among young users and the challenges posed by 'opaque' algorithms governing content dissemination.

The government, amid contentious global regulatory debates, is using recent criminal offences to 'effect positive change' online, with potential reforms to the Online Safety Act and giving more authority to the controversial eSafety commissioner being explored.

While Albanese refrained from preempting broader discussions on domestic violence during the upcoming national cabinet meeting, he stressed a need for attitudinal shifts alongside immediate practical interventions.

Collaboration with state and territory leaders, particularly drawing from initiatives such as Victoria’s royal commission into domestic violence, is expected to inform strategies for nationwide implementation.

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