Protests carry on in Calgary as injunction dropped

Days after a court injunction intended to quell protests in Calgary was lifted, demonstrations continued in the downtown core on April 30 as protesters took to the streets to celebrate freedom and make their voices heard.

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Luckily for this lively group of Canadian patriots, Mayor Gondek’s injunction was dropped days after The Democracy Fund filed an appeal and finally put an end to this double-standard injunction.

The timing certainly seemed a bit fishy, especially considering there was no hint of when the injunction would be lifted prior to The Democracy Fund setting its justice-forged sights upon it, and taking aim.

Saturday’s April 30th Rally was one for the books, with hundreds and hundreds of protesters attending the peaceful gathering and joyously basking in the delights of a freer Calgary.

Even with the injunction having been lifted, the protestors maintained their usual peaceful assembly and even kept to the sidewalks as they marched to the consistent stream of honking - now termed ‘the sound of freedom.’

An Antifa member was spotted at the head of the group. This masked individual seemed to be waiting for the freedom fighters as he stood idly by. When asked what his message was, he replied “freedom.”

As this individual represented a counter-protester group  or Anti-freedom group as I like to say, I found his remark steeped in hypocrisy, and entirely illogical in and of itself. It was obvious he was there to attempt to rile up members of the freedom rally.

That said, his presence had no prolonged effect on this joyful group as the march continued peacefully along the beautiful streets of downtown Calgary without conflict.

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