Public Health Agency of Canada at the ready to exploit Christmas through propaganda with in-house production

When asked for costs associated with Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam’s latest holiday ad, the agency said there were none because it was all produced in house!

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Apparently, the Public Health Agency (PHAC) of Canada keeps a Mrs. Clause prop and Christmas outfits in-house, according to the latest response to our access to information request.

We received the absurd response from PHAC after we filed an access to information request inquiring just how much the agency spent on Theresa Tam’s vaccine propaganda video featuring beloved Christmas classic Mrs. Claus. It was not a parody or deep fake video, much to the surprise of many Canadians.

The child-targeted video basically steals the wonder and surprise out of Christmas and replaces it with Public Health safety planning thinly veiled in Big Pharma shilling, in which it was suggested that Santa has to complete a health check before he can deliver the Christmas spirit.

Tam wishes Canadians “happy holidays,” after advocating the acquiescence to public health advice of endless boosters, endless mask layers, and freezing inside with windows open so that you can feel safe visiting your family members.

Mrs. Claus appears as the pinnacle of hypochondriac suffering that Theresa Tam likely wants all Canadians to succumb to.

This is how PHAC responded:

“We regret to inform you that we were unable to locate any records responsive to your request. The video in question was produced in-house, therefore there were no associated costs concerning the production, development and distribution of this video.”

Imagine that? The Public Health Agency of Canada, the same one that threw out warehouses full of PPE leading up  to the declared global pandemic, has their own Mrs. Claus costume that they keep on hand for yearly videos? And what about Mrs. Claus herself? Who is she and is she an agent of Public Health, too?

It turns out that our public health agency has someone at the ready to film, video edit, and produce in-house short videos, which includes a staffer ready to spring into an in-house Mrs. Claus outfit.

We know that Theresa Tam received a 22 percent raise of $59,400 last year – for a net salary earning of $324,000.

Maybe she hired all of the in-house assistance using her post-pandemic bonus.

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