RCMP ticket woman moving furniture after home foreclosed in Alberta: Unauthorized gathering!

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Danuta Michalewicz has a tragic story and an outrageous coronavirus fine.

Danuta is a new Canadian, and she thought this was a free country. That is, until she got a $1,200 ticket for having an authorized gathering in her house, at a time when nearly all private gatherings have been outlawed by the government in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Except Danuta wasn’t having an unauthorized gathering. Not even close. She was selling her furniture to someone she met online to make a little cash.

However, though it hardly seems possible, the whole debacle is worse than Danuta just getting a ticket for doing a normal thing that big box stores are allowed to do all the time. Danuta had to sell her furniture because her house is in foreclosure, and she has to get all of her stuff out immediately. A judge said so.

Moving services aren’t illegal, and you can buy a couch in a store full of strangers any day of the week. So why did Danuta get a ticket for someone buying hers?

Well, to hear Danuta tell it, someone who doesn’t like her is using — or rather abusing — the current pandemic police state to carry out a petty grievance against her, to kick Danuta when she is already down.

Rebel News is helping Danuta fight her ticket at no cost to her. We are putting her in touch with a top criminal lawyer, she is pleading not guilty, and she is taking her ticket to court. It’s going to cost more than $1,200 to fight her fine, but pushing back against these punishing fines is more important.

If you’d like to help Danuta fight this insane ticket, please donate today at FightTheFines.com.

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