'If there's actual smuggling going on, it's probably drugs, it's not people,' says immigration lawyer

Miami Democrats weigh in on migrants smuggling kids on Biden's watch.

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Rebel News spoke to Democrat leaders in Miami, Florida at a press conference outside Freedom Tower on Monday August 22, where they condemned Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on the state office's decision on busing illegal immigrants to Delaware.

Democrat leaders including Manny Diaz, president of the Florida Democratic Party, Senator Annette Taddeo, immigration lawyer Mark Prada, immigration lawyer Michelle Canero, Adelys Ferro, President of the Venezuelan American caucus, and Jeffery Jarquin, an ex-political prisoner from Nicaragua, held a press conference outside the Freedom Tower in Miami, Florida.

The Democratic leaders held the conference to condemn Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nuñez for wanting to bus illegal migrants from Florida to Delaware, U.S. President Joe Biden's home state.

"They are doing this to score cheap political points with extremists in the GOP and to stick it to President Biden. Lt. Gov. Nuñez remark and the administrations' actions are immoral." stated senator Taddeo.

Rebel News spoke to the Democrat leaders in Miami and asked if they condemned the actions of the Biden administration where they hire groups like MVM Inc to smuggle migrant kids across the country and fail to vet who the children will be dropped off with.

"That is incorrect." answered immigration lawyer Prada when mentioned that MVM is not vetting the people that end up with the migrant children.

Prada also said:

The cartels kidnap people for ransoms from the family. It's not even to help them cross. It's just you'll be on a border town and they're like, 'Oh, look at this immigrant from another country. They'll just kidnap them.' And then family members in the United States like, 'Wow, my family's going to be murdered if I don't pay these people to the to release them.' And they're just paying ransoms, but they're not actually smuggling people across the border.

It's just I have clients all day long. It's all the same story. We come up to the entry point. They're closing it because of Title 42, let's say, or they just cross the river right next to the entry point and then just wait for CBP to grab them.

"They're not trying to sneak in, they want to be caught. They want to make their claims for asylum," said Immigration Lawyer, Mark Prada. "If there's actual smuggling going on, it's probably drugs, it's not people."

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