Seattle has succumbed to lawlessness — let's Restore Public Safety!

Homicides, assaults, robberies and drug use are all on the rise. Help us push legislators to enact real change and restore public safety.

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It’s time to restore public safety and put an end to the radical anti-police movement that has brought American cities to its knees. You see, here in Seattle, our once beautiful city has fallen to criminal lawlessness.

Citizens are held hostage by homicides, violent assaults, strong-arm robberies, and open-air drug use, crimes that are seen being committed during a simple stroll down the street.

Between the Seattle Police Department being defunded by more than $50 million dollars….causing officers to leave the department in droves, to activist prosecutors and judges releasing repeat offenders back out onto the streets, and police reform legislation that ties the hands of law enforcement, the city is no longer safe.

That’s not speculation. That is a fact.

A fact that Seattle Police Union President Mike Solan has been warning about and now there’s data that proves it. Since the defund the police movement began, the city has seen record-breaking homicides year-after-year, as well as an all-time high for other violent crimes.

But…this isn’t just a Seattle issue. It became a statewide issue in 2021 when the Washington state legislature enacted shocking police reform legislation that has since made every community far less safe.

The good news is that state legislators will have the chance to right their wrongs during this year’s legislative session, so if you believe that it is crucial to make our communities safe again and hold our elected officials accountable, please go to and sign the petition to help fight back. 

This has caused criminals to feel emboldened and police evasions are now at an all time high since.

Remember when the suspect of an alleged kidnapping called 911 during a high speed chase to report that Seattle PD was pursuing him in a vehicle and said that they weren’t legally allowed to chase after him because of the new laws? Don’t believe me? Read for yourself.

Under HB 1054, law enforcement officers are no longer allowed to pursue suspects that have committed property crimes, which includes crimes like residential burglary, possession of a stolen vehicle and theft. They can also no longer pursue certain domestic violence incidents, including domestic violence simple assault, violation of a no contact or protection order and stalking, according to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff's office provided an example of the above changes:

Dispatchers receive a 911 call from a person who reports hearing screaming and loud noises from an apartment next door. The caller reports that it sounds like the woman next door is being assaulted by her boyfriend, but is only able to provide a vague description of what the boyfriend looks like and does not know his name. As the first responding officer approaches the apartment, he sees a man running through the parking lot wearing clothing that is similar to the description provided in the 911 call.

Under the new law, officers must let the man walk away from the scene until they can interview the victim and/or witnesses to determine with a high level of certainty that a crime has occurred and the person is a suspect in that crime.

Another scenario provided by law enforcement states, “Your family returns from a vacation to find a truck parked in the driveway of your home, and a person you do not know is loading stolen items from your house into the vehicle. You call 911 and provide the dispatcher with a description of the suspect's truck as it drives out of your neighborhood with your belongings inside. A police officer responding to your call for help sees a truck resembling the description speeding out of your neighborhood.”

Under the new law, “the officer can still attempt to stop the vehicle, but cannot pursue after the fleeing vehicle for any law enforcement purposes/actions if the driver does not stop.” When it comes to burglary and shoplifting, Federal Way Police Chief Andy Hwang explained that “an officer that witnesses an individual matching the description of a burglary or a shoplifter suspect walking away near the scene of the crime, at that specific moment an officer has “reasonable suspicion,” but does not have “probable cause.” Therefore they are no longer authorized to detain the individual if the suspect decides to run or escape.

Another Bill that needs to be amended this legislative session is HB 1310, the use of force bill, that bans less lethal weapons from the police arsenal, which removes the ability for officers to protect themselves without using lethal force.

Since lethal force can only be used if an officers life or another individual’s life is in imminent danger, the bill has caused officers to stop pursuing suspects because they no longer have access to less lethal weapons. HB1310 is also to blame for Seattle police K-9 Jedi being killed by a knife-wielding suspect last year.

But this isn’t just isolated to the state of Washington. The entire West Coast, and other Democrat-run states across the country have succumbed to criminal lawlessness at the hands of elected officials who are putting their political agenda over the lives of their constituents.

If you believe that it is time for victims to get justice, criminals to be held accountable and for corrupt prosecutors, judges, and officials to start doing their jobs, go to where I will be traveling across the country exposing the public safety crisis. It’s starts here, right now:

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