Should the unvaccinated be publicly identified? Montrealers weigh in

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Montreal’s PoutineFest 2021 is currently underway at the Quai de l'horloge (Clock Tower Quay) at the Montreal Old Port.

This event is very appreciated by Quebecers because it allows people to taste several types of poutine, thanks to the food trucks present. Usually, the festival travels from city to city, between Quebec City and Montreal and passing through Trois-Rivières.

I had heard rumours that the vaccine QR code would be required for entry, but there were no digital readers present.

It turns out that the QR code along with personal information was required to register as a participant for the festival.

If you were unable to register for the event directly, you had to register on what the organizers referred to as a ‘national COVID list,’ and provide your personal information for contact tracing purposes. Otherwise, you would likely not be allowed on the site.

I took the opportunity to ask people present what they thought of the use of the QR code to register, and went further to ask them if they thought unvaccinated people should be publicly identifiable with physical markers.

Their answers were quite surprising; make sure to watch this report to see.

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  • By David Menzies

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