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Our rights and freedoms are under attack!

It's becoming hard to ignore these days. 

Politicians like Justin Trudeau and his globalist friends at the World Economic Forum often hide behind seemingly noble causes like fighting "climate change" and "harmful content" to silence free speech, eliminate private property, limit our ability to travel, and control what we see and hear online.

They don't even hide it — they tell us we will own nothing and be happy. 

But how can we know what rights we're losing if we don't even know what rights we have?

At Freedom Passport, it's our mission to educate people about their rights and freedoms. The very rights and freedoms many have died to defend.


Get Your Freedom Passport


The Freedom Passport is an easy-to-read, pocket-sized booklet containing the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It's a portable token of your inalienable rights. 

We also just launched our new online app, which allows members to explore and compare the rights and freedoms of 36 different countries.


Download the Freedom Passport


Join our global community of individuals passionate about understanding their rights and freedoms. With a one-time introductory payment of only $3.99, you can access and compare the founding documents of different countries and vote on the rights you value most.

The Freedom Passport is perfect for parents, kids, and educators who want to learn about their rights and civil liberties around the world.

Don't miss out! Become a premium member today and help us move toward a more informed society.

Visit our website for additional information, and order a Freedom Passport for yourself and all the freedom lovers you love: FreedomPassport.ca.


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