Rebel News Drea Humphrey was physically manhandled by Justin Trudeau’s personal bodyguards for simply asking questions Trudeau didn’t like.

Drea, an accomplished journalist and a registered member of the Independent Press Gallery, was invited to attend Trudeau’s campaign press conferences in British Columbia, during his pre-election swing through the province. She asked Trudeau about the wave of arson targeting churches across Canada.

Trudeau refused to take her questions and walked away from the podium to pose for selfies with the public. Drea politely walked beside him, asking her questions again. She was never threatening or abusive, never blocked his path and never posed any physical danger to Trudeau whatsoever — she was simply asking him questions he didn’t like.

Trudeau brushed her off, and a squad of Trudeau’s RCMP bodyguards immediately swooped in, physically grabbed her, and pulled her away from asking her questions.

This is simply unacceptable in a liberal democracy, but it fits with Trudeau’s growing reputation of a thin-skinned politician who can’t stand criticism, especially from strong women — just ask Jody Wilson-Raybould.

Trudeau prefers to call on hand-picked journalists that he can control — usually CBC state broadcasters, or reporters from the bail-out newspapers. But calling in his armed bodyguards to physically assault Drea is a new low, even for Trudeau.

Please sign our petition to Trudeau, telling him to call off his bullies, and stop ordering the RCMP to assault journalists.

If this is how Trudeau behaves now, you know it’s only going to get worse during the stress of the campaign. We’ve got to nip this in the bud — sign our petition now, and if you can help us cover the cost of our lawyers’ intervention, you can do that by clicking here, too. (Thank you.)

And one more thing: you can be sure, having Trudeau’s tough guys push her around isn’t going to stop Drea from being Vancouver’s most effective independent reporter!