STOP THE CENSORSHIP: The Trudeau Liberals are trying to pass a bill to control the internet

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The Liberals are ready to introduce the mechanism to seize control of the one part of your life they haven’t been able to control so far: the internet.

It will be a bill, though it’s not yet one. It will be introduced in the next sitting of the House of Commons, and it will indeed pass. Because the Liberals and the NDP will vote together. And the Conservatives will do, if the last 24-30 hours is any indication, largely nothing.

Here is the technical paper, so you can read it for yourself. But let’s go through some of it together. So you can get a real feel for just how bad this is, how this will put the internet under Liberal control, and those of us who resist the control will be banned, fined and maybe worse.

According to this plan, AI could be used to determine you are hateful, based on the parameters laid out by some triggered-by-everything worrywort Liberal somewhere.

Within 24 hours of your content being flagged, either by AI or by some scolding hate watcher, it will be taken down and the incident must be recorded for the commissioner and maybe even reported to the RCMP. For a mean tweet.

Section 8 lays out what this new censorship ministry will cover: terrorism, revenge porn, child abuse, incitement to violence, criticism of those protected in the new amended human rights code. But in section 9, we see the Liberals are going after everyone they don’t like, by giving the power to their Ministry of Truth and MPs to determine what is “harmful” going forward, with no constraints on that power.

It’s all so shameless, without an ounce of self awareness, But they don’t need to be self aware. The government is on Big Tech’s side and Big Tech reciprocates. Social media companies, once bastions and defenders of free speech and the modern public square are already signalling to the Liberals that they will enforce this coming law, and they will do it vigorously and enthusiastically.

They will collude to make sure we all have no recourse against any of it. They aren’t going to stand up for the free speech that built their companies. It’s on us.

This is the big fight — this is how the Liberals plan to silence Rebel News and you too, and millions of other Canadians who disagree with them.

Of course they waited until Parliament was over to announce it. Not that I expect Erin O’Toole to object. As I record this video, he hasn't yet, and it’s been over 24 hours. Conservatives are about to be silenced, banned, fined or worse, and the rest will get the message and just shut up — go along to get along because they saw what happened to the others who didn’t shut about. And where is Mr “we are the only party that will protect free speech”? So far, asleep at the wheel while the worst censorship law in the free world is ready to smother Canadians.

I think we have to fight back hard like the heart of freedom depends on it. Because it truly does. If you can’t say what’s on your mind, in your heart, how you feel about the government… are you even free?

I want to live in a free world. Where this video isn't illegal.

If you do too, please visit, while you still can, and sign our petition calling on the censorship minister, Steven Guilbeault, to stop this madness, and leave our free speech alone. We must be free to express ourselves. Violence and abuse are already taken care of under existing laws; this new law is about protecting himself from your speech. So let’s send him a message.

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