Evelyn Young

Evelyn Young was medically kidnapped by Children's Mercy, a prestigious research hospital in Kansas City, after her loving parents demanded a second opinion.

Children's Mercy, against the advice of Evelyn's parents, gave her drugs that turned her mild health condition into a severe one.

Following her mistreatment, her parents explained to the hospital that they wanted to move their daughter to a new hospital to receive better care.

The hospital used their anger and frustration as a reason to call Child Protective Services who took Evelyn from her loving and concerned parents.

So, Rebel News is fighting back in 3 ways:

  1. LEGAL: We are crowdfunding Evelyn's legal defense. Please donate to offset the cost of her legal fees on this page.
  2. PETITION: Sign our petition calling for Evelyn's release by clicking right here.
  3. JOURNALISM: We will continue reporting on Evelyn's fight against the hospital to shine a light on their anti-family practices.

We're going to try and put public pressure through independent journalism and legal means to help Evelyn fight this outrageous battle. 

You can follow all of our ongoing coverage on this page!

PETITION: Save Evelyn Young

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