A research hospital in Kansas City has been medically kidnapping children for years.

Children Mercy Hospital’s most recent kidnapping happened a couple of weeks ago when the Young family brought their 10-year-old daughter Evelyn to the doctor for medical advice and support.

Ignoring the advice of Evelyn's parents, the hospital gave her drugs that turned Evelyn’s mild health condition into a severe issue.

As a result of treatment, Evelyn’s brain began to swell, and she temporarily lost consciousness and sight.

Her parents were understandably upset and angry and explained they wanted to take their daughter to a different hospital that would properly care for her.

Instead of allowing the family to leave, the hospital used the Youngs anger and frustration toward the situation as "proof" that they were unfit parents and called Child Protective Services.

Bizarrely, this is not the first time the hospital has torn a family apart, but hopefully it is the last.

If you agree that Evelyn should be released from state custody immediately, please sign this petition.

If we get enough signatures, I will personally deliver it to Children’s Mercy executives.