Organs Not Coercion

Canadians shouldn't be denied lifesaving organ transplants because of their vaccine status.

All across Canada terminally ill patients are being denied access to lifesaving organ transplants because of their COVID-19 unvaccinated status.

In Alberta there is Sheila Annette Lewis who was removed from the transplant list, in Quebec there is Joanie Dupuis whose COVID-19 vaccine status has railroaded her transplant eligibility, and most recently in Ontario, Garnet Harper, a young father of five, succumb to complications after being denied a referral for an organ transplant.

This leaves many Canadians wondering: whatever happened to freedom of medical choice and bodily autonomy?

If you think this is morally bankrupt and unethical, you can take action by letting your provincial and/or territorial health minister know that this medical discrimination is happening in their jurisdiction.

Urge them to denounce coercive vaccine mandates and change legislative and/or regulatory frameworks that condone this discriminatory practice.

As Canadians are required to pay into a socialized medical system through taxation, they should have timely and adequate medical care available to them when needed. Delegating who is or isn’t referred for organ transplant based on their vaccination status is medical apartheid and it is wrong.

If you agree, please sign our petition right here on this page.

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