Sheila Annette Lewis has likely returned to the organ transplant list, after being denied life-saving surgery over her COVID-19 jab status

Parties involved have now signed a deal satisfactory for Sheila, her lawyer details.

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Previously, Alberta Health Services denied Sheila Annette Lewis the life-saving organ transplant she needs to survive her terminal condition, after doctors tried to force her and her family to take multiple COVID shots but were refused.

This legal battle saw a publication ban put in place, preventing the names of doctors, the hospital in question, and the organ she needs to survive, from being identified. The Supreme Court sided with the doctors via the dismissal of her Charter violations case, which she brought forward with the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. She was forced to pay the legal fees of AHS and the doctors involved.

With time running out, Ms. Lewis began searching for international hospitals to perform this transplant, as most do not have the same COVID shot measures, especially considering her natural immunity to COVID, something her doctors in Alberta refused to test for. The costs of getting this transplant internationally were estimated at over $500,000 USD, which supporters rapidly began crowdfunding for through a GiveSendGo campaign.

In addition to her international health-care pursuit, after the Supreme Court dismissal Ms. Lewis launched a new lawsuit against AHS for medical malpractice, with Umar Sheikh of Sheikh Legal serving as her representation.

We interviewed Umar, who informed us of a breaking development: Ms. Lewis and the parties involved have now signed a deal satisfactory for Ms. Lewis. Because this is a confidential agreement, there were limits to what Umar could address. To hear the rest of that interview, watch the video in this report.

In our previous interviews, Ms. Lewis detailed how much she wanted this transplant, and it is likely the only thing she would have agreed to. This outcome would mean she has been put back on the list to receive the operation she needs to survive. It is still no certainty she will receive this transplant, especially in a timely manner.

Although this is good news for Ms. Lewis, there’s an untold number of Canadians who have already been denied life-saving organ transplants over their COVID-19 'vaccination' status, and even more who will be left for dead in the future if this doesn't end.

AHS denies having a vaccine mandate because these injection demands were forced on Ms. Lewis at the discretion of her treating physicians, however these people are still contracted by AHS. The premier, Danielle Smith, would say this is out of her hands. But we heard from Umar in the past that Alberta has been a revolutionary force in changing health-care provisions for transplant patients in the past.

We at Rebel News think there's something wrong when Canadians are being denied life-saving care over these arbitrary or even harmful mandates, especially if done through our publicly-funded health-care system.

This is why we started a petition calling on Alberta Health Minister Adriana LaGrange to end these coercive tactics.

Especially for COVID — not taking the shot shouldn't be a death sentence if you require an organ transplant. There are an untold number of victims being denied this life-saving care over their COVID shot status, and many more to come. If you agree there’s something wrong with that, sign the petition at

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