INTERVIEW: Patient speaks out after Canada denies lifesaving transplant over COVID vax status

Sheila Annette Lewis is now suing Alberta Health Services for malpractice and is seeking out international transplant options.

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Sheila Annette Lewis was considered an ideal candidate for organ transplant by Alberta Health Services and her doctors. But after completing every necessary requirement to receive her transplant, a new rule was added: she would now have to get the COVID jab. This was something Sheila could not do.

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms fought alongside Sheila against AHS, arguing this was a breach of her the rights guaranteed to her by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Ultimately, the courts sided against her, even going so far as to make her pay the legal fees of AHS and the hospital in question.

While awaiting a Supreme Court decision, Sheila and her former lawyers discovered she had natural immunity, something the doctors refused to test for. This new finding prompted her to request to be put back in line for her transplant, but instead doctors said she would then have to get the booster as well.

Even though the Supreme Court dismissed her case, Sheila continues to fight for her life in other ways, and is now taking AHS to court for medical malpractice, with new legal counsel.

Sheila has also been looking into international options, such as a hospital in the United States that isn’t enforcing these same restrictions. Unfortunately, this does come at a cost, currently estimated at around $600,000. Many have begun to help Sheila and her family with these fees by donating at

We have a detailed report highlighting everything you need to know about this situation, how we got here, what it means, and what comes next. To see that report in full and all our coverage of this story, go to

We sat down and spoke with Sheila for that exclusive report, and today we share with you her story in this extended interview.

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