Liberals finally answer 'what is a woman'

'Mr. Speaker, a woman is an adult female human being,' said Liberal MP Lisa Hepfner, the parliamentary secretary to the Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth.

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The Trudeau Liberals join the ranks of the Danielle Smith Conservatives, who the Liberals previously labelled as backward transphobes.

What is a woman? That is the question.

Normal people will say an adult human female.

It's easy. It's not a feeling, a state of mind, or how you dress or present. It's biology.

However, the modern Left is congenitally unable to answer this one question whose answer is rooted in the common knowledge of all of human existence. They can't because the self-evident answer clashes with the modern Left's radical anti-reality agenda to tear down every functioning societal norm and convention and replace it with something gross and hedonistic.

It's a condition of the Left which spawned a hit documentary by the Daily Wire's Matt Walsh.

The question has also become a clever comeback anytime a Liberal MP prattles about women's issues.

But what happens when you ask Canada's women's ministry what the department thinks a woman is?

Conservative MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay did just that through an inquiry of the ministry. The answer was inserted into the official House of Commons Hansard record. The reply, according to the Liberal's own measure of the issue, must be considered a transphobic violation of human rights or something.

"With regard to government definitions: what is the government's definition of a woman?"

Ms. Lisa Hepfner, the parliamentary secretary to the Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth, replied: "Mr. Speaker, a woman is an adult female human being. The Government of Canada is committed to ensuring that its policies, programs and initiatives are inclusive of all individuals and reflect the diversity of experiences of the Canadian population.

The Liberals, officially speaking, are on the same side of the issue as the very people they call transphobes, like Alberta's Premier Danielle Smith, who is protecting women's sports from male bodies.

The Liberals fall on the same side of the issue as Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, who is protecting parents' rights from radical sex activists in the classroom.

But you wouldn't know that from the Liberals' public statements, including those of the minister in charge of the women's ministry, Marci Ien.

So, who is wrong about what a woman is? The Liberal government's own women's ministry? Or the so-called feminist Liberals themselves?

Or is someone in the women's ministry getting an angry phone call from the Prime Minister's Office today?

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