Sheila Annette Lewis calls on Danielle Smith for help while seeking life-saving procedure

Denied a life-saving organ transplant over her vaccine status, Sheila Annette Lewis is going after Alberta Health Services for malpractice, while seeking willing doctors in the United States.

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Sheila Annette Lewis, an Alberta resident, was denied a life-saving organ transplant here in Canada, one that she needs in order to survive the diagnosis that left her with a terminal condition. She chose not to get the mRNA COVID so-called 'vaccines', that we are now seeing aren't as effective as they were advertised, yet still mandated across the world.

Sheila has a Give-Send-Go campaign launched in hopes of getting her the transplant she needs to survive, at a hospital in the United States which doesn't adhere to these same COVID vaccine mandates as Alberta Health Services. You can find out more about this campaign at

Ms. Lewis is also suing Alberta Health Services for medical malpractice, as she waits for help from Alberta Premier Danielle Smith, in hopes of getting back on the transplant list she was once already confirmed for, as a great candidate. You can find all our coverage of this story at, a campaign we launched at Rebel News to raise awareness on this medical injustice.

We interview Sheila Annette Lewis in-person for this report, and we address Premier Smith directly to find out what second opinion she got in relation to Sheila’s situation.

Lewis was diagnosed with this terminal condition right before the pandemic began, and from then on required a life-saving organ transplant to survive.

Lewis did everything required of her to get approval for this transplant, even redoing all of her childhood vaccines. Lewis achieved patient status 2, the highest priority indicating that the patient is deteriorating and would most benefit from a transplant. She was next in line for the organ she needs to survive.

Unfortunately for Sheila, the COVID-19 pandemic had not only begun, but so too had politicians and doctors using it as a tool for clinical, and political coercive policy making.

The introduction of novel vaccines was seen by many people as a means of ending the restrictions governments imposed on their lives, but for Sheila awaiting her transplant, it was a death sentence.

On the cusp of receiving her life-saving operation, doctors decided those awaiting a transplant must take the novel vaccines for COVID — authorized under emergency use legislation  to be approved for transplant. Lewis was moved from Status 2 to Status 0 in November 2021, and would not be selected for a transplant if the organ she needs became available, as she would not take the shot.

At the same time the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms stepped in to help Sheila seek her second chance at life through the judiciary. A long legal battle ensued, and publication bans were put in place, preventing doctors' names, the name of the organ Sheila needs, and the transplant hospital, from being identified.

In July 2022, a ruling from the Court of King’s Bench in Alberta, concluded that:

"The Charter has no application to clinical treatment decisions made by the treating physicians, and in particular has no application to the treating physicians establishing preconditions for XX transplantation. The originating application is dismissed in its entirety.”

We interviewed Sheila and JCCF lawyer Allison Pejovic to get their reaction to this ruling, who later filed an appeal in the Alberta Court of Appeals.

Around this time, another hope for Sheila had been brewing. After over two years of increasingly restrictive COVID measures and vaccine mandates, exacerbated by political hypocrisyJason Kenney resigned, making way for current Premier Smith. Smith had taken a strong stance defending those who weren’t in favour of lockdowns or coercive vaccine enforcement.

Unfortunately for Lewis, in November 2022, the Alberta Court of Appeal sided with the King’s Bench ruling, concluding that:

the Charter does not apply to the respondents’ exercise of clinical judgments in formulating pre-conditions to [organ] transplant, including requiring vaccination against COVID-19 in the wake of the pandemic...”

“...we are not persuaded this Court can, or ought to, interfere with generalized medical judgments or individualized clinical assessments involving Ms. Lewis’ standard of care.”

What may have seemed like a dead end at the time, was replaced that same month with a spark of hope for Sheila to receive her life-saving transplant. This new potential chance for Sheila to receive the care she needs to survive was created by current Premier Danielle Smith, who said she was looking into Sheila’s situation, directly.

JCCF lawyer Allison Pejovic soon after requested for the Supreme Court of Canada to hear Sheila’s case, in what was a final chance for Ms. Lewis to have the courts put her back on the list to receive the organ transplant she needs to survive.

While awaiting the decision, Lewis and her lawyers discovered that she had a healthy amount of antibodies, and had developed natural immunity to COVID.

AHS doctors had refused to test whether Sheila had natural immunity prior to this discovery by her and the JCCF, who then sent a demand letter to the doctors involved, and AHS, requesting for Sheila to be put back on the transplant list, considering this new discovery. Unfortunately for Sheila, both parties refused, with the doctors legal representation saying that their “clients respectfully decline Ms. Lewis' request to be reinstated to Status 2 on the transplant waitlist.”

AHS said:

“As the decision about Ms. Lewis’s status on the Transplant List is a decision made by her treating physicians in the Transplant Program, AHS has no reply to any of the further requests in your correspondence.”

In visiting Sheila, she informed me that not only did the doctors then say based on this health report that she would have to get boosted, so too did they say her family would have to get boosted.

Hope was running thin for Sheila at this point, but the Supreme Court of Canada had yet to make its decision.

Before that decision, I asked Premier Smith directly about Sheila Annette Lewis, to find out what second opinion was had, and to know what was being done to protect those in similar positions who are being refused healthcare over their novel vaccination status for COVID:

This was a deep-felt blow to Lewis, who once saw a potential chance at life through the Premier who had held strong in support of those who refused to take the COVID vaccine, or simply were unwilling to continue taking it time and time again, while facing unwarranted restrictions. It was a sour change of tone by the Premier.

Hope was dwindling for Lewis in the campaigning Premier, but with a victory securing Premier Smith's position for years to come, the question of what would actually be done to secure life-saving healthcare access for taxpaying unvaccinated Albertans, or for those who aren’t up to date with all the latest boosters, needed to be asked.

NDP Leader Rachel Notley was the runner-up in the election against Smith, but as Sheila told me, Notley had blocked her on social media.

All things considered, there would be no hope for Sheila Annette Lewis if Notley won, but luckily that wasn’t the case.

Shortly after Premier Smith’s election win, Lewis was left with no further options through the courts, as the Supreme Court of Canada had now come to a decision on her case:

Dismissed with costs to the respondents Alberta Health Services and ABC Hospital.”

We interviewed Sheila and her lawyer to get their reaction to this dismissal.

One day after these interviews, the Premier was in Calgary, prompting me to get an update on Sheila’s situation. The Premier did end up responding to my email inquiries with an exclusive statement.

“Many medical factors go into the determination of eligibility for organ transplants and criteria is therefore decided by a panel of qualified medical professionals and not elected officials.”

Time will tell if Premier Smith does take action to help save Sheila Annette Lewis’ life, but time is of the essence. We have an exclusive extended interview with Lewis that will be published shortly. We also interviewed her son D’Arcy, who has taken a lead role in supporting his mother at this time. Both interviews can be found at

Although options for this life-saving transplant are rapidly evaporating here in Canada, Lewis is a fighter, and she’s taking action in two ways, with or without the Premier’s help.

She has hired new legal counsel to take AHS to court for medical malpractice, which may result in her return to the transplant list. Lewis also has a Give-Send-Go campaign launched in hopes of receiving this care at a hospital in the United States, with doctors who don’t require these same punitive COVID novel vaccine mandates.

The cost is high, first she must complete testing which will be around $100,000, then once she is approved, the surgery will cost an additional $500,000. Canada’s healthcare system has shown its true colours to Sheila Annette Lewis, and those who are unvaccinated, but hope isn’t lost, and supporters are beginning to gather rapidly to finance this transplant internationally, since Canada is no longer going to cover this.

Every day that goes by is valuable time Lewis doesn’t have. You can find her Give-Send-Go at

If you want to see any of Lewis’ additional interviews, those done with her son, her lawyers, or updates on the situation, go to

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