UN Human Rights Council

The Canadian government continues to violate the human rights of political dissidents in Canada. So, Rebel News is sending a team to Switzerland to file a formal complaint against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Calgary Pastor Tim Stephens was arrested for refusing to force his congregation to comply with government COVID-19 rules on places of worship.

Edmonton Pastor James Coates spent 35 days in jail when he disobeyed public health regulations on places of worship that he said violated the religious freedom of his congregation.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski has been arrested several times. His trouble started when he was feeding the homeless in downtown Calgary and was fined for holding an illegal public gathering.

Whistle Stop Cafe Owner, Chris Scott, was in jail for three days for protesting the government's lockdown policies on his small business.

Pastor Rodney and Tracy Fortin of Church in the Vine have been outspoken lockdown critics since the onset of COVID-19 restrictions and were fined $80K for obstructing a public health inspector.

Tamara Lich, one of the organizers behind the Freedom Convoy, was in prison for nearly 50 days without bail.

Despite COVID-19 restrictions lifting across the country, we must not forget what was done to our civil liberties over the past two years in the name of health and safety.

That's why Rebel News is flying Chief Reporter Sheila Gunn Reid (@SheilaGunnReid) and legal-eagle Sarah Miller (@SCM07) economy-class from Alberta to Geneva to hand deliver an official complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Council regarding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's treatment of political dissidents in Canada.  

You can read the complaint for yourself right here.

Between the flights, the humble accommodations, and meals, this project will cost us more than $15,000, even though we’re going economy class all the way.

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