Team Trudeau called in Indian police after Toblerones, pop cans go missing during 2018 India trip

According to an email turned over to Rebel News, Indian police were called in to investigate the theft from the catering order for the flight home to Canada.

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Justin Trudeau is serious about so few things. The safety of his snacks, however, takes top priority — even higher than the security screening of those travelling with him on state visits.

The 2018 state visit to India was plagued with bad press when Indian media mocked Trudeau's costumes and over-the-top behaviour before it came to light, thanks to True North's Candice Malcolm, that a convicted Khalistani terrorist and attempted murderer, Jaspal Atwal, was on the trip with Trudeau's official delegation.

Atwal is an Indo-Canadian businessman convicted of attempted murder for his role in the 1986 attempt to assassinate Punjab minister Malkiat Singh Sidhu. 

According to an email buried inside hundreds of pages of documents turned over to Rebel News regarding the use of the government's Challenger jet fleet, the Indian police in Dehli was called in to investigate the theft of chocolates and pop from the catering order for the flight home to Canada.

Included in the Hershey heist were an array of sodas, Toblerone chocolate bars and an unknown amount of Perrier water.

An officer with the Canadian Forces Air Martial Detail sent an email to detail the Snicker's snatching:


As per our conversation and after speaking to MS Elena Champagne Lead Flight Steward she informed me of the following: After verifying the catering order that was inspected by Delhi Police at the catering company she made the following observations.

Missing out of all the food trays was the little chocolate that was supposed to be in every tray;

All chocolate boxes were opened and about a handful were missing in each box;

1/3 of the tobolorne bars were missing from their box;

3 x cans of pop was taken from each of the makes of pop; and perrier

I have CC'd the lead flight steward and the MC on this email.

Imagine if Harper had done this? He would still be mocked for it. As they say, if it's not a Tory, it's not a story.

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