The Canadian flag gets a TRIGGER WARNING!

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Woe, Canada...! Newspapers, such as the Halifax Chronicle Herald and the St. John’s Telegram that are part of SaltWire Network Inc. recently published a cutout Canadian flag in their weekend editions.

The idea was that a reader could post his or her paper flag in a window or windshield to demonstrate their pride for Canada.

A nice, patriotic gesture, right? Um, maybe not so much. Because incredibly, on the front page, something resembling a disclaimer at best and an apology at worst was also printed regarding the Canadian flag promotion. Check it out:

Inside today’s edition, on page A9, you’ll find a Canadian flag to clip and post to help celebrate July 1. We understand the flag doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone, however, we hope our readers recognize their ability to play a role in shaping Canada’s future is a freedom worth acknowledging.

What the hell does this bafflegab even mean?!

It seems SaltWire is, for whatever reason, somewhat ashamed of Canada... which makes you wonder: why did they even print this pseudo-flag in the first place?

Indeed, June was Pride Month. If the SaltWire papers had printed an LGBTQ+++ rainbow-coloured flag and those editions also came with a disclaimer on page one, would that be tolerated? I can only imagine the outrage by the usual suspects. 

And another thing: while SaltWire seems embarrassed by the Canadian flag, they have absolutely zero shame in taking Canadian taxpayer money by way of that $595 million newspaper bailout cooked up by the Trudeau Liberals.

So whoever is still reading these SaltWire rags, good luck digesting all the wokeness, political correctness, and hypocrisy by this absolutely shameful company that might not even be viable without taxpayer-funded welfare (not that Canadians have any choice in doling out such newspaper payola, mind you...)

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  • By Ezra Levant


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  • By Ezra Levant

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