Toronto's infamous Officer Bubbles involved in illegal arrest of Rebel reporter

Video of the arrest shows Sergeant Adam Josephs, whose brutal arrest of a G20 protester in 2010 for blowing bubbles resulted in a $100,000 lawsuit, being verbally abusive to a Rebel News videographer.

Toronto's infamous Officer Bubbles involved in illegal arrest of Rebel reporter
Rebel News
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A 13-post-thread on Twitter by Rebel News publisher Ezra Levant detailed Josephs' history of “hot-headed” behaviour with peaceful members of the public, including Rebel News reporter David Menzies.

"2. By the way, Sgt. Josephs gets paid a lot of money to abuse citizens. According to the 2022 Sunshine list, he took home a whopping $177,000/year, after a 16% raise. He's got to be close to $200K a year by now."

3. Sgt. Josephs can't control his anger and goes from zero to rage in about 60 seconds. He became famous for losing his cool a decade ago when he arrested a young woman for blowing bubbles at him. It was a deeply embarrassing moment for

10. I'm pretty sure these are the cartoons that drove Sgt. Josephs into a rage. But then again, it seems like anything can drive him into a rage -- that's the problem. Here's all of them.

Here's one of them: 

David Menzies was arrested and charged by Toronto police while reporting on an anti-Israel protest on in the city’s core Friday night.

Menzies was held for several hours before being released on two separate charges of obstruction and mischief.

Sergeant Josephs can be seen in a video captured by Rebel New's head of video, Efron Monsanto, participating in the arrest of Menzies. Josephs approaches Monsanto, backs into him in an attempt to obstruct his camera, and then begins a snippy exchange.

“Are you going to listen to me? ..Don't get smart with me…it's what I tell you!”

“You do your job, I'll do mine,” Monsanto replies from behind the camera.

Josephs' exchange from 14 years ago with G20 protester Courtney Winkels, went similarly.

"If the bubble touches me, you're going to be arrested for assault," he told her. "It's a deliberate act on your behalf, I'm going to arrest you.”

Winkles sued the force for false arrest and violation of her Charter Rights. Levant has promised the same over Menzies arrest.

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