Tucker Carlson: 'Elon Musk seems to be our last hope'

Carlson declared Musk’s sincere attempts to revitalize the marketplace of opinions as 'our last hope' for free speech on the Internet.

Tucker Carlson: 'Elon Musk seems to be our last hope'
Patrick Pleul/Pool via AP
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson has observed Elon Musk’s efforts to rein in Twitter’s restrictions on free speech and restore the platform as a “direct challenge” to the regime’s efforts to “control information through censorship.”

Carlson declared Musk’s sincere attempts to revitalize the marketplace of opinions as “our last hope” for free speech on the Internet.

Highlighting Musk’s repeated hints at cracking down on censorship on the social media platform, Carlson stressed that “a free Twitter would mean an open debate about ideas on the single most important incubator of elite opinion in the world.”

“It would mean a return to free and fair elections in the United States,” added Carlson. “A system in which both sides are allowed to make their case to the public and then the public can decide, it’s called democracy.”

“And above all, a free Twitter would mean a direct challenge to the people in charge of our country’s institutions, many of whom are incompetent,” Carlson said on Tuesday.

“The point of censorship always, and everywhere, is to protect entrenched power,” Carlson continued. “That’s why it’s the powerful who impose censorship for their own benefit. And that’s exactly why illegitimate regimes fight so hard to control information through censorship, that’s their main concern.”

“Why are they so determined to keep you from talking? Because they know your talking is the threat to their power,” added the Fox News host, who has long held those in power to account.

“Questioning the prevailing storyline is the crime,” Carlson emphasized. “Do that and you’re gone. Doesn’t matter if you are factually right. We were factually right. Doesn’t matter. Challenge power and you are censored instantly.”

“Now it’s hard to believe that the world’s richest man is the only person who could fix this,” Carlson declared, noting “Elon Musk seems to be our last hope.”

As Rebel News highlighted on Monday, Elon Musk may be poised for a hostile takeover of Twitter with his rejection of a position on the company’s board of directors.

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