“We're a more progressive society now”: Twiggy the water skiing squirrel banned

It’s curtains for Twiggy the Water Skiing Squirrel.

For decades, several boat shows in North America have featured about 10 different versions of Twiggy the Water skiing Squirrel. But Twiggy is now rodent non grata at the Toronto and Vancouver International Boat Shows.

The Toronto complaint emanated from the Toronto Wildlife Service, which does great work rescuing abandoned and injured wild animals in the city. But in a statement, Toronto Wildlife Service said the use of Twiggy to entertain and educate kids on boating and life jacket safety is “a ridiculous display” and that such a public attraction “is archaic and cruel and very stressful for the animal.” Really?

And the City of Toronto has acquiesced to their demands as the Toronto Wildlife Service has the law on its side (namely, it is illegal in Toronto to hold an Eastern Grey Squirrel in captivity.)

But what’s next? Banning explosive and drug-sniffing dogs used by law enforcement? Banning seeing-eye dogs used by the blind?

Oh, Twiggy - damn the bureaucrats and the activists! Please come back to Hogtown! We hardly knew ye...!