UPDATE: Rebel News Viewers REPAIRED The Church Roof on Tsuut’ina Nation!

With your help, we have left Our Lady of Peace Church on Tsuut’ina Nation in far better shape than we found it.

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We are absolutely overwhelmed with the generosity of our Rebel News extended family — that's you — and so are the members of Our Lady of Peace Church on Tsuut’ina Nation.

After meeting Ruby Starlight at the Calgary Stampede and being invited to visit the church that her grandfather built on Tsuut’ina land, we made our way out to the location, where we learned about the building's history. Ruby mentioned that it would be great to get the church fixed up again so that more people could come enjoy it. Right away, we knew we had to help.

We spoke with Regena Crowchild, who takes care of the church, to see what work needed to be done. The biggest issue was a leaky roof. With your help, we were able to raise enough money to replace the church roof in less than 24 hours. This week, Advanced Level Roofing was hard at work getting the new roof installed. We were there to capture all the action.

Regena also mentioned that there were some unwelcome guests at the church that they were struggling to get rid of, so we called Peregrine Pest Control, who graciously volunteered their incredible services to help the church disinvite some mice, wasps and ants.

A local glass company is also making a custom window to replace a window that was broken during a recent break and enter at the church, and that should be installed in the coming weeks.

With your help, we have left the church in far better shape than we found it.

The RepairTheChurch.com campaign was a sign of solidarity, support and positivity for Christian faith communities in a time when many Canadians have forgotten that places of worship deserve honour and respect.

Again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you Rebels!

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  • By Adam Soos

Repair the Church

$24,679.88 Raised
Goal: $12,500.00


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